A seller went to the red dead sea to see what he cd…
Where is Kabbalah Springs? Who is the Layman? How much is a galgal, gilgul, golem, gimel ? (gag me..) Does Kabbalah scanning require safety goggles? yeah, i’d like, two Holy Names, a ray of light and a side of historic distortion. Can you Supersize that? i’m a little Klippot full of doubt… How much is a Mem? a meme? a midrash? address? sefirotic minidress? What is a “cosmic bet”? Can you tie a Red thread Ribbon ‘round a old, cloaked tree? Hey Mister Gruberger, Sling a psalm for me of surface disturbances loaded tilts, splotched secrets, écrites, collusions Are there centers along the banks of Kabbalah creek? All abuzz with abyss. Does Kabbalah Cures headache ointment come in a snack pack? six pack, sex pot hot pot zip lock backpack. alphabetic black smack My anointment is long overdue. Whose cult currency limp interlopery tzitzit slip knot of snaked corollary scrolled hollers, holy salary! Scan this & wrap your Rachel’s tomb bling string ‘round yr fully automatic inheritor of scattered disclosures. Hey Madge, yr soaking in it. Do Ca(nni)balists do it better? Late Capitalists? Intertextile text in exile. in the K-center Philly fallow philip flopper curly man of shadows downloads exchanges Yo dog, it’s Kabbalicious. & who’s tallying the interval, the veiling, the reveille valency, the value of avarice, veritus aerator (inheritor) of out-sourced mystification? Hey mister, mystify my love you interloper of consumable composites, socially soaked mâitress matrices mist me (with an alchemic glaze). Hey, do you want your “Light of Wisdom” in paper or plastic?
And, um i don’t mean to “get medieval on you”, but it’s Zohar-ifying, this whore text, no core text cobbled ballet broulé Kabul shit – (gimme a high feivel) Do the 231 Gates of Meaning come bottled? Ba Ba-hir say have you any [] yetzirah, no sir… i’d like to buy avowal. Don’t be so Kabalier about yr one-stop twist top pop slop upsized, down-beat, data-based, hyperspaced bite-sized pre-washed post apocalyptic vacuum-packed cock-blocked Kablahblah (a astro-illogical consumerist surplus of ignoble contingencies) And sit yr achra down ‘cause my Transcendental Signifier not a low carb cabled cabala bar. free floatin’ re-mystification of messy masticates, cosmically missin’ a missin’ a mise en a [] mass populie So watch the scaffolding (scuffed folds) of sultry recombinants, the giddyup of linked resistencies and gradual jams (where in Sandy dunes did Kab’la Con) a stately pleasure tome s’écrit & ask whose world economy whose social subjects whose volatile grinding wills in the sinewy script of soaked cycles Torqued for the very first time.