The Empress Has No Closure

As she moves in and around, back and forth amongst poetry, criticism, autobiography and feminist theory, Adeena Karasick writes ecstatically, seeking out synchronicity, the provisional time and space factored metaphor. Working between poetry and prose, exceeding and subverting linear structures, exploding codes and orders, inviting and permitting entry. Karasick’s language exists at the borders of things where things are carried over, transferred, exchanged at the very heart of metaphor.

    "Sanguine, even jubilant, Karasick layers on Freud as she erases him with Cixous, bill bissett and Derrida. Her work is a poetic of literary criticism that exceeds the inscription of its own boundaries…. The Empress Has No Closure is an impressive deconstruction of language and meaning that is already finding an enthusiastic audience among feminist (especially) academics, and will, I hope, find a(n) (un)stable place in the corpus of texts that are changing and being changed by contemporary pedagogies." (Canadian Literature)

    "Against closure, play of unfinalizability, between genres (poetry? critical commentary? autobiography? feminist theory?), Adeena Karasick’s text unsettles relations in `trans`elation`. This is a writing of excess, abundance, overflow, laughter. Like Cixous’ Medusa, the Empress unhinges the bar between signifier and signified, producing a slippage of signifiers, a glass slipp ing, between the body and the erasure of the body of/in language, writing, as sound seeks out sense. Usure, metaphor at a loss in the derive. Rel(a)y, relie, relic. Incremental, relational, liminal. `Semerotic`: energy of the trace. Performance at the threshold. Hymeneal, Ef fem eral, F.feminal. O pen ing…" (Barbara Godard)
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