And, as the welcome of a welcome,

(incarcerated or deported, persecuted, traumatized 

and obsessed), i am writing a writing that opens from its own 

threshold, erupts in withdrawal in carnal-soaked 

codes, naked liaisons rapt with all that is trivial, 

tragic suffocating

and oppressive. all that is sacred and 

elliptic resting in jagged syntax breeks 


And, as yr moist scat scourges soaking in my subtext fissures in upsurge arbitrarity // in the surplus of transcoded strobing i am writing a writing smeared with pom pom pomposity hurtling in the shimmer of fugitive mutants stitched across a tracery of despotic flotsam, a flotilla of figural limbers, so, lick my sedition as you drape yr lilting lexicon around my sassy magma spun gushing and crammed with the quizzical thrill of sticky particulars tinged with the sputter of hâute turrets, ruffled strollings as my mandalay souchsong slips softly for this writing a writing / restrictedin daunting tolerance trembles in the thrust of yr invisible visibility fraught with its finding/ foisted in flouting frontlets. And, as resonant sense swings in surplus spillways like spectral fetching burnished in skew(er)ed syntax, i am writing a writing of glis. glas glassary rasps lisped in disjunctive measures / of a promise posited in articulate sprawls crawling through structure / swoons spires, apertures, sucking flux nagging in fricative intervals which pulse, mounting in the throbbing impetus of insatiable urgency i am here now, briefly -- ((ambiguous, fumbling, awkward and confused)) -- a lexical gradient, groomed in gathered interiority, a radical indwelling that produces itself in its welcome. And, as i inscribe a space where my form an extention of my form. a forum amour for m/or phological performance, i become like the shibboleth of the threshold, a limit of the liminal or a liminal amplitude that cannot separate matrix forging linkages between particles, capacities, disturbances. surging in undulant ardour And in a rhythm of pulsional incidents, vertiginous exigencies spiral into an ever-receding remainder. Glomming yonder & hotly.