“desire is part of the infrastructure”
Yo dude! There’s 30,000 burners livin’ in yr playa playin’ in paella pastie postulates of post-semiotic sweet blashpemic hot pants and i wanna take yr hermaphroditic perky powered dust choked studded blue bayou (of anti accumulative capital) & climb yr sweaty mojo giddy glue glitter bomb sizzlin’ with yr blue bonnet on it – on yr pyramidal effigy schizonomadic mobile tiki bar / licka-stick frickin’ art car you ideological repository of libinal investment, transcendent signiflying sand man So, ride me through the hyberbolic hey lolly lolly loci alkali sticky starfuckin’ teabagger swinger X fest & take yr pinky choco-covered shroom cloud whalin’ fuzzy fraught faux fur fanfare ‘cause i’m standin’ there and standin’ there and i’m standin’ there with your clit coiffed nu wave I.T. dot com man chant, [perchance, no merchants] yr feisty fettered poi fire dancing jugglin’ bike bomb and i say, burn slow sweet cheri-o in the hijacked ejaculate snuff pagan orgy of blurred earnin’ / ‘cause yr burnin’ like a tumblin’ tower, burnin’ 2 times baby Big wheels keep on turnin’, proud mary [hot mama!] over-easy, in the taut risk scalded itty bitty identi titty city of artifactual alibi bye burnin’ baby like a hot disc with yr blinky lit glow sticks at the alter of inflated simulacra. And in the sun scorched sacrosanct ballsy Belson burnin’ biggie blitzkrieg why don’t u just take yr semi-zafdek, sefirotic albionic metatronic mantra & free the pillaged ill-mannered manomanic minimatted well-lubed man mandalay manger menagerie aujourd h’oui! oyea ‘cause i just wanna save the man And that’s no bougie rouge utopic commodification of economic accumulation. No socio-teleological consumerist economy of savoir faire thee well savior complex suckin’ life saver server down swervin’ sauvignon as an irreverent souvenir i just don’t want no krispy kream crunchy dude / no silicon snowman of libertaria aria of metonymic slippage in an intraspectral black rockin’ surfin’ road raver cravin’ granite slab swing saddled chill room of blue lootin’ booty i just wanna put my hand in the hand of the man who sails the playa
with an intra-media liebe vivre anti-productive apparatus lattice [ta da da boom diay i’ve lubed my oublié] So, hey little blue man, slammin’ bruised oozin’ ruse man. Everybody loves ray man my little überman, yo! soul man Wo man! man yr yeoman, no yes man (with a dirty gimlet umlaut amulet ululate allouete) savvy server showman stop shoppin’ shaman, stimmung layman, mister big and tall man save yr miniman, clinamen, lineament, freedom fried fly man born-again ornament, blinky blue-eyed omen dry roasted ptomaine save yr burnin’ man Amen!
__________________________________________________________________ Oh you “Big Other” materialized as an ideological state apparatus. You Guarantor of Meaning in the guise of historical Reason. You who embodies the inconsistency of the Symbolic Order, who cannot be integrated into the machinery of social usefulness. You antiutilitarian symbolic fiction paradigmatically standing in for a “caluculus of pleasures” which can never be fully realized. A supreme manifestation of pure expenditure / of the excess of the Real / of unbearable withdrawal You big Scapegoat (for whom guilt is metonymically projected onto and whose sacrifice allows us to establish social peace by localizing violence and ultimately stands in for an act of sacrifice which sacrifices the very sacrifice you inhabit Victim Dichtum October 2003 __________________________________________________________________