My Love is Like a Fine, Fine Wine

My Love is Like a Fine, Fine Wine


She once lost a grape inside

And in her, it turned to sweet nectar


He had kisses sweeter than wine


My full bodied zesty rustic supple vintage

is a fertile hotbed for your protruding lip

of wild current plum shadings.

No wild cherry berry fig spiced


my bouquet is a buttery, jammy††

chewy flavor profile

(though tremendously complex and can be quite pleasing)

when mixed with your cloying coarse ultra-ripe earthy elegance

fading to a big fat finish.


So taste my grenache a noche, a niche capiche

Tonight, itís quť syrah petite shiraz petite verdot

merlot bordeaux.

Oh zinfandel, ma belle, bellisimo!

Liquor couture, (mťs trois amour),

no reisling, weis wine, vice wine, ice wine

muscat whose got, i got vinho verde, merde!


So, give way to my sweet bay of muscadet


which doesnít hold a grape to


yesterdayís mellow brunello, valpolicello

monte hoochie koochie pulciano



††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (with a stemmy, stalky structure.

†††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††all toasty and velvety -- )


For near or far, itís pinot noir

pardon eh, today, itís chardonnay

Donít put on airs for viognier, my oneir

My only heir --††


ícause you ainít no port in the storm

and i ainít no tick-tockiní schicker

you ainít no palm-wine drinkard

and i ainít no wine dark sea

you ainít no free flowiní pinot gris

and i ainít no inky late-harvest sub-region of highly

variable microclimates.


Donít taunt me, itís chianti

an aphrodisio grigio; no malic malbec, fall back

fumť blanc swank, frankly,

at dawn, itís sauvignon papillon

sangiovese oy vey, see

you will go crazy


So, toast: a taste with jammy notes


And bring it back toÖ

all that is firm and chewy

with a meaty messy nose.







Heard within grapeshot


just stomp on

my face, peel

off my skin

and g(rape meÖ